"Surreal" is a word that I've used to describe many events we've covered over the last year. It was surreal to speak with Ray Park at the Playboy party at San Diego Comic-Con last July as Nathan Fillion held court a few feet away. Speaking of Comic-Con, what could be more surreal than seeing Loki command Hall H? Possibly talking Disney with Disney Legend Rollie Crump or covering a Disney window dedication for Tony Baxter? These are just the tip of the iceberg of surreal moments during a very surreal year. All of that being said, standing in the Batcave and taking pictures of the most iconic super hero vehicles in film history may have been the most surreal moment I've experienced yet.

Recently we were invited to preview the new Warner Bros Batman Exhibit  Tour at Warner Bros Studios in Burbank, CA. This exhibit will be bringing a new flavor to the WB VIP Tour, as it brings guests into 75 years of Batman history with stops in Gotham, the Batcave & a museum of film used props and costumes that is second to none.

Our preview started with a short film that celebrates the history of Warner Bros. It's a brief piece that sets the mood for an appreciation of the iconic films that are a part of the WB family. From there we were taken by our guide, Brad Taylor, to the BatTram!
The BatTram has been specially designed for the new experience. It features a special "Tumbler Black" paint job and pays homage to the franchise with the Bat symbol strewn across its front.

The first stop on the tour are the very streets of Gotham. Here guests are treated to photo opportunities of the streets that have appeared in numerous Batman films as well a number of other films and TV shows that are too abundant to list on one place. Suffice to say if you've watched Big Bang Theory, Dick Tracy, Flash, Friends, Gremlins, Man of Steel, Newsies or any of the Batman films or TV show you'll recognize many of these shots.

After a walk in the Gotham streets we got back onto the tram and journeyed to the centerpiece of the tour: The Batman Museum. Immediately we were hit with some of the most memorable songs from the last 25 years of Batman films as we stood in front of an awe-inspiring display of 25 years of cowls.

From there we went from film to film, as the exhibit is broken into sections with dedicated locations for each of the films. It was hard to find an iconic Batman item that wasn't represented in a display. Bale, Hathaway, Keaton, Kilmer, Ledger, Nicholson, Thurman and so many more each have a dedicated spot to celebrate their contributions to the history of Batman in film.

After we finished taking photos, and picking our jaws off the ground, we returned to the BatTram and made our way to the Batcave. Upon entering the dark lair and adjusting my eyes, I felt overwhelmed by what lay in front of me.

Centered in the room stands the imposing statue of the Dark Knight from Nolan's most recent film. And surrounding it are some of the most familiar vehicles in film history. From a Batpod to a Tumbler to Burton's Batmobile, so many dreams of Batfans across the world are represented in full grandeur. It took a few moments to adjust and take it all in-while it'd be easy to say that this is due to a need to adjust one's eyes, the reality is it's more about the overwhelming surge of emotion that hit as I saw 25 years of great film memories stand before me.

At the conclusion of our time in the Batcave, the guide offers the opportunity to take a picture on a green screen that can be purchased at the end of the trip and puts you in the action.

After this pic, it's time to wrap up the experience and make your way back to the WB Gift Shop where there's tons of exclusive merchandise celebrating Batman's 75th anniversary. Our guide said that there's also plans to include an exclusive comic to commemorate the experience once it officially launches.

The cost for the tour is $54 and lasts 2 hours and 15 minutes. Given the amount of opportunities that this tour provides, I have no hesitation in saying that I feel it's a great value. There has never been a collection like this before and I don't see there being many experiences that rival it. Although some might be holding out hope that this becomes a traveling tour, Mr. Taylor warned that it's not likely as the costumes are so delicate and difficult to transport. So, don't delay and book as soon as you can. You can call or book online: http://vipstudiotour.warnerbros.com/the-batman-tour/

What do you think of this Batastic exhibit? Will you be driving your Batmobile out to Burbank to experience it? Let us know in the comments.


    Shawn Marshall

    Shawn is the owner and writer of TheConFluenceCovers.com.